Marine Interior Design

Being new build or re-fit projects the challenges of Marine Interiors are very similar. The spectrum of a refurbishment can be very broad, from simply replacing finishes or to the full demolition and refit of a space. Each demand close attention to compliance and safety, durability, and sustainability.

In order to maintain a healthy growth for the industry and maintain positive stabilisation for our clients and designers, we are faced with a unified choice on how we can tackle these challenges and remain sustainable.


In a world where sustainability is becoming essential, we are seeing the industry responding very positively with discussions on how contractors must push boundaries on how to minimize waste, pollution and durability. It goes without saying that durability equals less maintenance and subsequently costs.

Land Based Design affecting cruise passenger expectations

We are seeing a much more contemporary approach to the cruise design ethos. Gone are the days of Las Vegas glitz and glamour and replaced with a more global and contemporary design approach. Guests these days are well travelled and cultured and demand design and quality to reflect this.

  • Project Management
    • Experienced in running and being part of many diverse projects of different sizes.
    • Survey reports/specifications
    • Planning schedules
    • Team meetings
    • Contact between owner and builder
    • Budgets
  • Design

    Experienced in designing public areas, cabins/suites and back of house spaces, catering and AV. Concept, architectural elements, materials, colours, textiles lighting, art selection, signage. We have carried out both new buildings and refurbishment. All to meet marine standards in compliance with IMO/Solas.

  • Materials

    Wide knowledge of materials and fabrics through many projects working closely with all elements. Special experience in materials suitable for ships, ref. IMO resolution and durability. Long history of making material/mood boards for presentation, also specifications for all type of areas.

  • Drawing Skills

    Development of computer (AutoCAD) and hand drawings, from 1:200 GA development to 1:1 details, all plans, elevations/sections. Renderings and sketches for presentation.

  • Follow up on site
    • On site follow up meetings
    • Daily follow up on site over longer periods
    • Inspections before hand over to owner
  • Communication
    • Fully conversant with all aspects of interface with owner, builder and contractors
    • Design presentation
    • Detailed presentation
    • Development meetings
    • Follow up
  • Squeezing the millimetres

    Every centimetre count's on board a vessel. Therefore, we are dedicated to utilizing each space optimally to achieve maximum return, both for the client and the guest and create environments which are memorable and beautiful. The public areas often have more than one function and has to be flexible to reflect that.

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