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About Us

Atlantic Marine Interiors was formed in 2013 specializing in all aspects of the design and/or build of a vessel’s interior.

With the experience, knowledge and expertise of its team, Atlantic Marine Interiors quickly won and carried out many prestige and diverse projects winning a reputation for delivering a high-end product with meticulous planning and service, and always on time.

A brief history

Atlantic Marine Interiors has been awarded and successfully completed well over one hundred projects over a nine-year period, carrying out maintenance and deliverying fast track projects from minor to Multi- Million schemes working across the whole vessel. Here is a brief ‘Story of Jobs’ that were instrumental in the progress of Atlantic Marine Interiors.

  1. May 2013

    Atlantic Marine Interiors wins its first project. This was for Saga Shipping and involved conversion of suites to include special needs facilities.

  2. Aug 2013

    Atlantic Marine Interiors wins a project to build and install fixed cabin furniture and sofa beds for the Lloyd Werft Shipyard aboard the CUK owned vessel Arcadia. This, so early in the life of Atlantic Marine Interiors proved to be game changing as it aroused the interest of CUK, who quickly awarded a contract for the same works within an area outside of the Shipyard scope. Neither of these projects had significant value but proved to be the start of solid and successful relationship with CUK.

  3. Sept 2013

    Atlantic Marine Interiors wins its first project for Babcock Group aboard the HM Naval vessel HMS Ocean. This project evolved to be of significant scope and value, with a team of multi skilled personnel carrying out diverse works throughout the vessel over an eight-month period and leading to a long working relationship with Babcock Plymouth.

    Find out more in our case studies.

  4. Jun 2014

    Throughout 2014 Atlantic Marine Interiors continued to carry out various and relatively minor works for CUK on many vessels. During this time, we surveyed, designed and costed a proposed project to install five Crew Shops onto five vessels over a 10 week period while the vessels were in service. The project was awarded to Atlantic Marine Interiors in early February 2015, with the successful completion of all vessels in mid-June.

  5. Jan 2015

    In 2015 CUK were clearly becoming a key client of Atlantic Marine Interiors with projects coming aboard QM2, Queen Victoria, Aurora & Oriana.

  6. Feb 2015

    MY Tacanuya - Atlantic Marine Interiors was approached by the UK based Burgess Marine Group. Burgess had won a contract to completely overhaul a newly acquired private motor yacht for a private YAE Family. With the London based world-renowned yacht designers O2 already in place and designs well advanced, this was still a budget driven project and several marine outfitting companies tendered the works. Atlantic Marine Interiors won the contract to produce detailed working drawings, modify parts of the interior layout, manufacture, procure and install all of the furniture and finishes to the Owners bedroom suite and bathroom, lounge, dining room, several outside areas and stair cases.

    Find out more in our case studies.

  7. Jan 2016

    QM2 Pig & Whistle - This was the first of our ‘Design & Build’ projects for CUK which was the catalyst for works to follow! Atlantic Marine Interiors where approached to put together a proposal, our designer Guri put forward her concept which was nothing like anything on any of the CUK vessels. It was fresh, strong colours, gave the space themes like the ‘discotheque’ area, lounge area with multi-screen TV’s, games area etc. This immediately hit the brief and we were asked to develop it into full working drawings, specification, and budget. Atlantic Marine Interiors was awarded the contract in October 2015.

    Find out more in our case studies.

  8. Jun 2016

    Throughout 2016 Atlantic Marine Interiors continued it’s now strengthening relationship with CUK carrying out works on Adonia during dry dock in Free Port Grand Bahama. QM2 both in service and during dry dock in Hamburg where we carried out extensive works to the Spa and other public areas whilst also winning and carrying out more works for Saga Shipping

  9. Jun 2017

    QM2 Odeon Bar - In July 2016, after our hugely successful re-design and build of the famous QE2 and now QM2 Crew Bar ‘The Pig and Whistle’ Cunard contacted us again with the challenge to design and build a Sports Bar within a little used space called the Odeon Bar. Our in-house designer Guri, pretty much hit the brief with the first concept, which we then developed into a full design and build proposal. Atlantic Marine Interiors was awarded this project which was carried out in service between Southampton – Nova Scotia – New York – Southampton.

    Atlantic Marine Interiors was awarded this project along with a major project on the sister ship Queen Victoria as part of a 'two ship deal'.

    Click here for full case study.

  10. Nov 2017

    During 2017 and 2018 Atlantic Marine Interiors continued to win more prestigious contracts with CUK including Arcadia re-fit in November 2017 where we had a team of about seventy multi-skilled personnel and management completing the refurbishment of the Atrium. This included the re-lamp of the massive ‘chandelier’ manufacturing and installing fixed furniture, building new ‘feature’ Future Cruise Sales offices, uplift and installation of some 12,000 M2 of floorings etc.

  11. Jan 2018

    Early 2018 saw Atlantic Marine Interiors win and carry out a design and build up-grade of all the passenger cabins, corridors, dining room, library, bar, and lecture room of Heritage Expeditions vessel Spirit of Enderby. This involved a small team of joiners and decorators joining the vessel in New Zealand, working while sailing to the dry dock in the Philippines, where over another three weeks all works where completed providing a considerable up-grade to the interior.

  12. Mar 2018

    Ventura Refit - During mid-2017 after completing several very successful design and build projects for CUK, P&O approached us with a request if our designer Guri would work with them and develop a concept for a fleet wide upgrade of all of the Crew Lounge/Bar/Recreation spaces. Along with an interior and external decks Passenger space and Crew cabins work package, Atlantic Marine Interiors was also awarded the contract to build the first of the Crew ‘Hubs’.
    The total area of space was some 500M2, very large for a Crew Recreation Room, but ideally suited for the multi themed use design.

    Click here for full case study

  13. Dec 2018

    Queen Elizabeth re-fit - Atlantic Marine Interiors was awarded most of the Public Area works on the Queen Elizabeth re-fit carried out during dry docking in Brest, France. This again saw the volume of works building, and consequently the size of the work force and Management increasing to some 130 personnel. Joining the vessel in Southampton and carrying out the works over a two-week period, some 16,000 M2 of flooring was uplifted and replaced. Gold leaf ceiling soffits, and granite waiter stations repaired and renovated. Open deck windows and furniture was repaired and re-finished. All ceramic tiled areas in the main buffet uplifted and replaced.

  14. Mar 2019

    Oceana, Arcadia and Queen Victoria Crew Welfare Project - Early Autumn 2019 Atlantic Marine Interiors was awarded a three-ship deal to up-grade all of the Crew cabins and Crew spaces over a five month period while the vessels where in service. Oceana and Arcadia received installation of USB’s, floorings and furnishings to all Crew and Officer cabins, Queen Victoria received new vanity units, USB’s, LED ceiling and bathroom lighting, floorings and furnishings to all Crew and Officer cabins. In addition, up-grade of the Staff and Crew dining rooms including new catering units. With the Crew Bar and Movie Den receiving a new design and significant works. All projects were completed either on time or ahead of schedule, providing a moral boosting lift to the very hard-working Officers and Crew.

  15. Apr 2019

    Aurora - Aurora was one of several ships that Carnival UK refitted at Damen Shipyard in Brest, France during 2017-19. We were awarded the refurbishment of all the officers and crew spaces. This entailed following ‘The Hub’ design for the crew bar area and total re-vamp of the crew and staff messes, the officers dining room and wardroom, plus electrical and AV upgrade of 500 Officer and Crew cabins.

    We were subsequently also awarded additional works, including Public Area floor finishes and the manufactutre and build of the new Future Cruise Sales area. Our entire package of works were completed ahead of schedule.

  16. Sept 2019

    MS Expedition - Our first package of works included carpets to all passageways and public areas, repair and maintenance work to PAX cabin wet spaces, upgrades to public bathrooms and a complete overhaul of all crew bathrooms and wet spaces. The owner was absolutely delighted with the project results, which were delivered on time and on budget.

    Click here for full case study.

  17. Oct 2019

    Britannia - Fast on the heels of the very successful Aurora re-fit we were invited to tender for the proposed Britannia re-fit to be carried out during October 2019 in Brest, France.

    The project involved:

    • Works in 12 public rooms, with major works in two of those. Blue Bar converted to a new White Wall Art Gallery. Photo Gallery built to a completely new design with the addition of an electrical accessory shop.
    • Works to the public cocktail & coffee bars, with major modifications and new equipment to the Java Café
    • Major works to the Grand Atrium, including some 300 M2 of Marble uplifted, with new water jet cut Crema Marfil Marble laid to a new design. New central feature sofa and lighting, new and re-upholstered furniture. Timber handrails throughout completely stripped and re-polished.
    • Removal and installation of new automatic taps, soap dispensers and automatic doors to Public Toilets
    • 20,000 M2 of carpet and underlay uplifted and re-laid to public cabin corridors, all three stair towers and lift lobbies and public rooms. A massive achievement completed within the allotted 13 days.

    Click here for full case study.

  18. Nov 2019

    MS Serenissima - Upgrade of the following areas;

    • Passenger Cabins – complete upgrades including ceiling decoration, new wallcoverings, window treatments, carpet, fixed furniture and headboards, loose furniture, all soft furnishings, lighting, and electrical upgrades.
    • Restaurant – complete upgrade: ceilings, wallcoverings, vinyl and carpet flooring, waiter stations, new tables and dining chairs, soft furnishings, lighting and electrical.
    • Reception Area – complete upgrade including bespoke joinery
    • New floorcoverings and wall coverings to all passenger circulation areas.

    Click for full case study.

  19. Dec 2019

    Queen Victoria - Complete upgrade of Crew mess, Crew bar, wardroom, and Officers mess.

    Click here for full case study.

  20. Mar 2020

    March 2020 ‘Lockdown’ looming

    Earlier in the 2020 New Year Atlantic Marine Interiors (AMI) won two projects amounting to significant value. Both for execution and completion during April 2020.

    Azura re-fit was to take place in the Navantia Fene Ferrol Shipyard in Spain. The project involved building a new Crew Recreation Lounge & Bar, the same but with modifications we previously built on Ventura, and significant works in multiple public spaces and open decks.

    MS Expedition was to take place in Lisbon Portugal and involved refurbishment of the main Dining Room amongst other works.

    All manufacturing and procurement had been completed for both projects, most materials had been consolidated and palletised ready for shipping, indeed many pallets had already been shipped directly to Ferrol, all labour and sub-contractors in place, along with the related travel arrangements. We were ready!

    23rd March 2020 UK Government announces the first Covid lockdown, and with Covid now rampant throughout Europe and most of the rest of the world, both projects were ‘suspended’

  21. May 2020

    Atlantic Marine Interiors launch COVID Safe solutions for cruise ships.

    Click here for full case study

  22. Oct 2020

    St Helena - Owned by @EXTREME E - Complete upgrade and refurbishment of Owners suites, Cabins, Reception area, Restaurant, 20 wet rooms, supply and installation of A60 Doors, Refurbishment of Bridge.

    This unusual project, which was to create a flowating Paddock for Extreme E Racing Involved:

    • Installation of bulkhead and deckhead panels.
    • Installation of B15 and A60 doors and frames.
    • Refurbishment of wet rooms - including marble tles, new stower fittings and vanity units.
    • Resparying the Bridge Consol.
    • Extensive deckhead refinishing.
    • Refurbishment of reception area.
    • Installation of laboratory.

    Find out more about St Helena and the great work the Extreme E are doing for shipping, Motor sport and the Environment https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cO5YC3ZozH4

  23. Feb 2021

    Pretty much all Cruise Ship worldwide, have now been out of service and laid up for almost a year, for some it will be another year before they return to service (RTS) However, some Owners are now starting to think and plan for Return to Service (RTS)

    Britannia will be the first of the Carnival UK vessels to RTS. In preparation, Atlantic Marine Interiors were requested to design and propose for Covid screens in key locations throughout the vessel. Also, to tender for the RTS package which involved works throughout the vessel, but especially Guest Suites.

  24. Jun 2021

    Carnival UK plan for the RTS of the rest of their fleet, Queen Mary 2 will be next. Atlantic Marine Interiors are awarded works throughout the vessel. This continues on a rolling basis until November 2021 when QM2 will again embark her Guests.

    Refurbishments are challenging at the best of times, however coupled with a ships RTS post pandemic creates even bigger challenges. The refurbishment of QM2 encompassed improving Guest experience and crew welfare, many of which had been at home for 18 months or more.

    The project, managed by the Carnival UK Team was seamless, even when new challenges became evident. In particular, the Hotel General Manager, was a key driving force. Work was carried out in every Guest Suite, and included stone refinishing, tiling, French polishing, silicon sealant replacement, carpets, painting and decorating, deckhead spraying.

    Elsewhere there was extensive wall covering was replaced, alterations to table layouts, and thousands of M2 carpet fitting, hard floor installation, and timber flooring laid. The team also reupholstered over hundreds of pieces of furniture – key to sustainability – by refurbishing chairs, seating and even chesterfield sofas and tub chairs.

    Whilst some areas were not entirely stripped out and redesigned the team worked for more than 8 weeks in restaurants and hotel areas to refresh and refurbish to ensure that the guests joining for the first return to service cruise would have the very best experience.

    Much of the work was carried out at sea or anchor off the south coast, this came with its own challenges, ensuring that different trades were able to join the vessel on turnaround days. Also, materials – many of which were in short supply or on very long lead periods were delivered in a timely fashion in readiness for the first cruise.

    It was identified during the ships laid up period that the Crew Mess was in need of total refurbishment, from new deck to bulkhead and deckhead refurbishment to make it a better dining experience than previously for the returning Crew. The team set to work and stripped back to the structure and their own in-house Designer Guri Blindheim MMIL was utilised to select finishes and reconfigure some of the spaces. FF&E was largely re-used to keep sustainability targets, these being in previously good condition. Improvements to the servery and pot washing areas where also incorporated.

    The area is a huge success and caters for over a thousand crew each day. The space is light and airy with both large seating areas and smaller more intimate areas for night workers to take a break.

    The Hotel General Manager and the whole CUK Project Team working with Atlantic Marine Interiors and dozens of other specialist domestic contractors became one team, that had a common goal to return the ship to service in better condition than she was previously, one that is difficult to replicate within a short duration.

  25. Sept 2021

    The CUK vessels are now coming ‘thick & fast’ with planned RTS of Azura, Arcadia and Aurora. With the Azura April 2020 re-fit previously postponed, AMI are requested to start planning to resurrection of the project, with works taking place in the B+V Shipyard in Hamburg, wet dock period in Southampton, and during the vessels repositioning between Southampton and Bridgetown Barbados, where she will again embark her Guests.

    When the call came to bring Azura back into service pre-Christmas 2021 the Carnival UK Team and the contractors set to work refreshing their memories of the project planned more than 18 months previously.

    All stored materials were quality checked, wrapped and packed and shipped to the vessel.

    Dry dock took place in Hamburg and Azura made her way back to the UK to continue with her refurbishment at sea off the south coast of the UK.

    This had many challenges, crossing with our support of refurbishment of the prestigious QM2 – which was just about to RTS, many of the Carnival UK team, trusted contractors, and trades trans shipped straight to the vessel to minimise risk of COVID Infection, as they had already completed quarantine arrangements.

    Returning the vessel to service and ensuring the Guest experience was exceptional was paramount and in order to carry out the work on a tight deadline the ship was readied to sail across the Atlantic to commence service in Barbados. This came with its own challenges – ensuring that all materials and sundries were aboard for the 12 days sail.

    One of the key elements in the original scope was the complete overhaul and refurbishment of the crew recreational facility known as ‘The Hub’. This was designed in 2019 by Guri Blindheim MNIL. Carnival UK felt that the returning crew and staff would benefit from the new space and the area was stripped back to the deck and bulkhead and deckheads renewed and reconfigured with Beach Hut style seating areas, a dance floor, darts area, pool table, gaming area, beverage station and bar. Along with previously stored FF&E and soft furnishings this area was given a full makeover. The finished area was to an exceptionally high standard comparable with a passenger area.

    In addition, multiple works were carried out in Public Rooms and circulation areas which included thousands of square meters of carpets and AstroTurf, wall coverings, ceramic tiling. USB’ and additional electrical sockets were installed into all Crew, SMT and Officer cabins.

  26. Dec 2021

    AMI personnel join Arcadia in Newcastle for the start of the RTS, works will continue into the New Year with the vessel dry docking in Breast France, with completion and RTS taking place in Southampton. Works involved complete re-tiling of the Lido Restaurant, wallcoverings and painting in multiple areas, new tables and layout of the main Dining Room, thousands of M2 of carpet replaced, manufacture and installation of joinery, insulation works, and re-finishing of timber dance floors.

  27. Jan 2022

    AMI personnel now join Aurora in Southampton and travel with the vessel to B+V Shipyard Hamburg for her drydock period, with the works being completed in Southampton and on anchor in Portland. Thousands of M2 of carpets were replaced throughout the Public Areas, new tables manufactured and installed in the Lido Restaurant.

  28. Jan 2022

    CUK are busy planning the RTS of Queen Victoria. Queen Victoria had been in the Caribbean throughout the height of the pandemic. Plans were now taking place for her return to the UK drydocking and re-fit. AMI assembled a multi-disciplined team of tradesman to join the vessel in Barbados, carry out works within the Crew Mess and Crew accommodation, and prepare the public areas for the forthcoming works, all during the 11-day crossing back to the UK. The vessel arrived in Newcastle early April, were AMI boarded more personnel and a huge amount of materials and manufactured case goods etc. During the next 7 weeks which included a drydocking period in the Harland & Wollf Shipyard Belfast, AMI replaced some 22,000M2 of flooring, refurbished the Grills Courtyard and Spa areas to a new design. Manufactured and installed new curtains and tables throughout the Britannia Restaurant and Club. Retiled the outside pools beach areas, rebuilt and refurbished the Hydro pool and relax area, installed thermal and acoustic insulation, and carried out painting and decorating in multiple areas throughout the vessel.

  29. Mar 2022

    The UK’s newest Cruise Line Ambassador engaged the AMI Team on their debut ship ‘Ambience’ in Croatia and subsequently the UK. This involved refurbishing suites, carrying out area change of use and refurbishment – including the ‘Purple Turtle Pub’.

    It further included refurbishment of the top 14 suites, the exercise studio, games and craft room and the Casino.

    Ambassador’s Ambience was a great project to be involved in, our inhouse Designer Guri Blindheim MNIL came up with schemes to fit the client’s budget and maintain the desired concept. Through our product knowledge we specified suitable materials that met the brief and could be relatively easily sourced. There was a very close collaboration with the Ambassador Team that vastly shortened the pre-planning stage.

  30. Sept 2022

    Project Completion - MS Expedition.

    When the Pandemic struck in 2020 the works aboard MS Expedition were due to take place in the first half of the year. The client put the project on hold and in 2023 during docking in Genoa the work was undertaken. This included works to cabins and restaurant. A total of 25 operatives carried out the work in a two week period.

  31. Nov 2022

    AMI Contract Win! - Significant Hotel Outfitting work abourd Cunard Queen Elizabeth. The project to be carried out in Sembawang Shipyard Singapore, therefore significant time required to ship goods in readiness for the outfitting to commence in Mid March 2023.

  32. Dec 2022

    Hot on the heels of the award for works aboard Queen Victoria - Contract Win! - P&O Ventura - The AMI team secure a significant package of work aboard the CUK Vessel. This work is planned for the first quarter of 2023.

  33. Sept 2023

    Contract apointment - Ambassador appoint AMI to carry out extensive work aboard their second ship Ambition - work to be carried out in Bremerhaven.

  34. Jan 2023

    Completion of extensive galley work on Queen Mary 2 - in service - carrying out installation of data, power and modifications to stainless steel fixtures to receive monitors, printers and computer networks. This being a 3 ship deal - witth Cunard, Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth are expected to have similar modifications.

  35. Jan 2023

    Condor Ferries - Voyager - Completion of refurbishment of crew welfare spaces aboard the fast ferry in Cherbourg France - Duration one week.

  36. Mar 2023

    Contract Completion - P&O Ventura - with a large team of circa 80 the work carried out in Hamburg over a two week period. Working extensively across the vessel including pool tiling, teak work, ceramic, floor laying, decorating, joinery and so much more!

  37. Apr 2023

    Contract Completion - Cunard Queen Elizabeth - Sembawang Shipyard Singapore. Major hotel outfitting works carried out - with a team of approximately 50 personel. Works to Grills Courtyard refurbishment, pool ceramic and teak work, timber flooring, decorating and joinery.

  38. May 2023

    Contract Completion - 3 'back to back' projects done! with Ambassadors Second Vessel Ambition - Extensive remodelling of a number of different areas to include the card room. the library, Purple Turtle wine bar, Lupinos restaurant and many other areas.

  39. May 2023

    The summer months saw the AMI Team carry out turn around day work mainly consisting of swapping out deck furniture and soft furnishings across much of the CUK fleet - P&O Aurora, P&O Arcadia, P&O Ventura, P&O Britannia, Cunard Queen Mary 2, Cunard Queen Victoria. This consisted of anywhere between 5 and 5o operatives attending Southampton terminals and aiding the CUK team to make enhancements in a short window of time.

  40. Jul 2023

    Contract Appointment - Cunard Queen Mary 2 - work to be carried out in Rotterdam in October /November 23

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